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Cedeco received prize in 2011 in Washington, in recognition of his work

Educational Corporation for Costa Rican Development-CEDECO, a pioneer organization of agro-ecological farming and responsible for the development of the Cam(Bio)2 initiative, receive in September 2011 in Washington, an award from WOLA (Washington Office on Latin America), for its contribution to the defense of human rights and migrants, there were also honored Gael García and “Ambulante” organization.

The award was received by Melvin Jimenez, founder of CEDECO; Manuel Amador, director of Cam(bio)2 Project; Jose Francisco Fonseca, CEO at the time, and Ligia Marchena, Technical Director at the time.

WOLA is a nongovernmental organization that promotes democracy and human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean. It was founded after the coup in Chile in 1973 to denounce the abuses of human rights by the military and US advisers.

Reason for award

Vicki Gass, one of the directors of WOLA, said the prize for Garcia and CEDECO is given by their contribution of being the first ones to draw attention to the plight that migrants experience in route to the United States, such as being massacred in Mexico, and the contribution of the Costa Rican organization to stop migration, contributing to the development of agricultural projects.

"We are rewarding Gael García for his work on migration and to rise the profile of the humanitarian crisis for migrants in Mexico, like Diego Luna and his Ambulante Group," Gass said.

For CEDECO, Gass said that the support in developing programs of organic agriculture, involving small and medium producers, is an obstacle to migration.

Gass also said WOLA is making efforts to convince governments of the region they need to invest in rural development. "If governments invest in the rural sector, it will have a positive effect, so as to improve the living standards of communities to ensure sufficient and affordable food for the population," Gass said.

Gass said that with this prize for CEDECO "seeks to publicize the work being done at the level of Central America, so that it met US standards, the government and Congress, but also by multilateral organizations like the World Bank or the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)".

In this way it seeks to involve multilateral agencies to finance in Latin America and the Caribbean, agroecological projects to improve the living conditions of the producers.