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Colombian coffee producers visited Costa Rica, for sharing experiences about coffee production, supported by the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime in Colombia (UNODC).

On April 2016, a group of coffee farmers from different regions of Colombia, visited our country to learn about Costa Rican experience on producing quality coffee. The trip is done with the support of UNODC, with the aim of strengthen the work of coffee organizations from Colombia, that have different productive activities. UNODC through its…
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Cam(bio)2 will quantify for second year consecutive, the carbon footprint of the Municipality of Cartago, Costa Rica

In this year 2015 Cam(bio)2 with CeroCO2 representation, will be quantifying the carbon footprint corresponding to year 2014 of the Municipality of Cartago. Cam(bio)2 had previously determined the municipality baseline of carbon footprint in 2013. The objective is to make an inventory of all greenhouse gases emissions (GHG) generated in the facilities of the Municipality…
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Cam(bio)2 develops a strategy in climate change adaptation with CECOCAFEN in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

In 2014 Cam(bio)2 began working together with Central de Cooperativas Cafetaleras del Norte (CECOCAFEN), to develop a climate adaptation strategy in coffee partner organizations. For this work “reference farms” (FRs) were established, where are implemented alternative practices that improve the resilience of farms to climate change, with the objective to promote this FRs among other…
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