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Macro tunnels are installed in CECOCAFEN, Nicaragua to promote crop diversification.

From 2014, Cam(bio)2 has developed with CECOCAFEN in Matagalpa, different actions in climate change adaptation, using four model farms were we established macro tunnels to promote crop diversity in coffee plantations, improve family diet while at the same time increasing income in every month of the year.

CEDECO - Cam(bio)2 has worked with the Central Northern Coffee Cooperatives (Cecocafen) in Matagalpa, Nicaragua since 2014. The objective of this work is to establish an adaptation to climate change protocol, in vulnerable regions.

The methodology used for this work was based on the establishment of model farms located on plots of community leaders or people with good production systems to facilitate communication and technology transfer.

As a way to improve crop diversification in coffee farms, in this project the production of vegetables under macro tunnels (handmade protected environment) was included. This practice has important benefits for the farmer, such as it can be installed very quick and easy, low costs and families can access to fresh vegetables. This approach aims to improve family diet and it´s a business option for farmers because it has potential to generate income throughout the year, unlike coffee.

The components of this work, establishing macro tunnels are:

• Diversification of farms with home orchards, to improve agricultural production and at the same time to meet families’ nutritional needs.
• Technical assistance and productive training.
• Marketing of new products to increase market opportunities and improve incomes.

Some of the crops produced in this macro tunnels are scallion, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and sweet pepper. With the first harvest obtained, it was possible to cover up to 80% of the initial investment.