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“Climate Farmers” seal distinguish in Café Femenino from Guatemala

Nahualá Cooperative from Guatemala, uses “Climate Farmers” seal in their 2015-2016 Café Femenino harvest. This seal reveals the sustainable practices that women do in their coffee, which helps mitigate and adapt to climate change.

In 2013, Cam(bio)2 methodology was implemented in Nahualá Cooperative, in a group of small organic coffee farms. where environmental services were determined. These services such as carbon stored in soils, avoided emissions by fertilization and energy balance in the farms, are related to the sustainable practices that producer do in coffee farms.

Environmental services (ton CO2e) were sold in the voluntary carbon market, and the money received by the cooperative, were invested in purchasing organic fertilizer for coffee farms under renovation programs.

A part of Cam(bio)2´s work is based on establishing an integrated management plan for coffee farms, consisting of an initial diagnosis of the nutritional status of the plants, and then establishing proposals for crop fertilization and disease control.

Because of this, in Nahualá Cooperative it was established a module for producing liquid organic inputs known as Bio-factory, where they produce organic biofertilizers, and protective products against pests and diseases; these are used for crop fertilization, by all the members of the organization.

As part of this process in 2015 we conducted a new study for monitoring rust disease in coffee, in order to evaluate some products of the Bio-factory, that are made specifically to prevent or control diseases.

The organization simultaneously is developing other activities for its members and partners, focused on renovation of coffee plantations, reforestation and conservation of native forest species, and soil conservation with contour lines, irrigation channels and individual terraces.

Due to all the work that Nahualá Cooperative has done in organic coffee production with a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach, Cam(bio)2 grants them the “Climate Farmers” seal, to use it in a first pilot project, where the seal is used in the packaging of Café Femenino corresponding to 2015-2016 production, which is exported to the US market through Organic Products Trading Company (OPTCO). It is expected that at a later stage the seal can be used in all Nahualá´s coffee.

The “Climate Farmers” seal is intended to inform consumers about the good agricultural practices that an organization is driving with its farmers’ member to help mitigate and adapt to climate change. This seal was developed by Cedeco, through Cam(bio)2.