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Cam(bio)2 will support Centro Humboldt´s new project in Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, in Nicaragua

Cam(bio)2 will support Centro Humboldt from this year 2015 until 2017 in a new project in the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve. This project is funded by Bread for the World (German Cooperation Organization). The activities to be carried out together are:

  • Monitoring energy efficiency in cocoa farms belonging to indigenous and rural communities that live in this reserve.
  • Productive diversification plans, through the installation of tropical greenhouses for growing vegetables in order to improve the diet and nutrition of the families, which are currently very limited. In 2015 three greenhouses will be installed, and in 2016 is expected to extend the experience to another six greenhouses.
  • Production of biofertilizers that will be used for crops in greenhouse and also for cocoa farms.
  • Monitoring the nutritional status of the soil, and populations of microorganisms from the use of biofertilizers on the soil.

The cocoa project in Bosawas Reserve was initiated by Centro Humboldt and now is supported by Cam(bio)2 which aims to accompany young farmers in their effort to implement good cultural practices in agroforestry systems and initiate diversification of crops with the establishment of greenhouses to improve their nutrition. Thus it contributes to the stabilization of rural and indigenous populations in advancing agricultural frontier on the core areas of this Biosphere Reserve.