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Colombian coffee producers visited Costa Rica, for sharing experiences about coffee production, supported by the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime in Colombia (UNODC).

On April 2016, a group of coffee farmers from different regions of Colombia, visited our country to learn about Costa Rican experience on producing quality coffee. The trip is done with the support of UNODC, with the aim of strengthen the work of coffee organizations from Colombia, that have different productive activities.

UNODC through its alliance with BID and other Colombia governmental institutions like Social Prosperity, APC, among others, is currently developing a project which aims to strengthen 150 organizations of Alternative Development with different productive activities.

This visit to Costa Rica makes part of this UNODC project, it was focused on productive development to to enhance product value chain with market demand, including organic certification, Fair Trade, Global GAP, among others. Also they´re looking forward to do it with gender equality and sustainability, driving gradually over the period of the program, different projects of organic agriculture, renewable energy and reducing negative impacts on the environment, through public and private partnerships and also with international cooperation.

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With the support of CEDECO in Costa Rica, Colombian coffee producers visited an organic coffee farm name HELSAR, located in Zarcero, where they wanted to learn from Helsar experience over 18 years of organic coffee production; in this region they also visited Coopebrisas´ composting plant, the facilities where Coopebrisas gather and package organic vegetables and finally the seedling production.

For the closure of the trip, Colombian producers visited CEDECO´s offices on April 22, for different conferences and discussions focus on coffee production in a sustainable manner, solid and liquid organic fertilizers, soil condition, transition to organic, social responsibility of the cooperatives and markets.