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Asociación Las Brumas uses Agricultores del Clima. Seal

One of the main vegetable production zones in Costa Rica is Cartago, where there is a small farmers group named “Asociación Las Brumas”, this organization is distinguished by their organic production in the midst of customary conventional production, as practiced by the majority of local farmers.

This is the first organisation in Costa Rica that uses Agricultores del Clima Seal (Climate Farmers), Cam(bio)2 methodology was implemented in 2011 on their organic plots where their environmental services were determined.

Thanks to this effort, now this small farmer population from Cartago, uses the seal to differentiate their products in local market with organic baskets. Additionally. Cam(bio)2 continues to evaluate impacts on the consumer population and their level of acceptance.

The use of Agricultores del Clima seal provides a higher value added to their products and gives them a marketing advantage among a public that prefers healthy foodstuff options.

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Costa Rican Companies and Organisations Determine Their Footprint

The alliance between Cam(bio)2 and CeroCO2 have advised companies and institutions that wish to quantify their carbon footprint inventories as well as implementing actions to reduce GHG emissions generated by their processes. This is important for companies, because:

  •   It ventures into the agriculture sector and support all those companies that are making a change in their impact on the environment.
  •   It obtains reinforcement of existing technical capacities in the personnel of the companies for quantifying their emissions and establishing strategies for emissions reductions.

The platform has supported carbon footprint measurement in institutions such as:

  •   Grupo Holcim de Costa Rica (2011), principal producer and supplier of concret, aggregates and pre-mixed concrete.
  •   Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (2012), one of the largest financial institutions in the country.
  •   Municipalidad de Cartago (2013). This municipality is very committed in caring for the environment through implementation of different environmental management programmes. A specific plan for GHG emissions reduction was designed with this municipality, to be implemented in its installations.
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